picture of Rahul Bhargav, taken in 1998

rahul bhargav

Entrepreneur. Consultant. Author

Thank you for dropping by! In these pages, I intend to share some basic information about me, my work, and how to get in touch with me. This page is a work in progress. However, it does contain basic information about me, my work and how to get in touch with me. Consider it to be a beta version, without the bells and whistles.


I believe the choices you make decide the life you lead. I have been fortunate enough to be able to make the choices I want.

I am an Entrepreneur, Consultant, and an Author. Trained in Journalism (PG Diploma in Journalism, University of Pune) and Business Management (MBA, Cranfield University), I have worked in different profiles with a couple of leading newspapers as well as in Corporate Communications for a leading engineering OEM. I decided to start my own journey in 2010, and have enjoyed every moment of it.

I love to travel. The majesty of the Kumaon Himalayas, the fall colours in New Hampshire, the white sand and blue waters of the Belle Mare... these are sights that tug at my heartstrings.


My entrepreneurial activities are focused around two tertiary industries - Mass Media and Speciality Food and Beverages. Media is a dynamic, ever changing sector, where the only thing constant is the demand for attractively packaged high quality content. Likewise, speciality food and beverages also requires a careful curation of offerings, and a focus on delivering high quality product in an attractive setting.

I have come to realise that any lasting success can be achieved only by rigorous implementation of the basic principles of new product / market development, and project management. Knowing your market, positioning your offering, and efficiently executing the process leading to the positioning of your offering. Most other things will follow, and if the marketing effort is aligned, the offering has a very high probability of success.

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I work with corporates as well as startups as an independent consultant, providing practical, executionable solutions for Business Development, New Product Development, Project Management and Media Strategy.


I love to read, and know firsthand the difficulties of writing readable copy. I marvel at the creativity of those who write great fiction. Creating something from nothing is pure magic. As a non-fiction writer, I have the luxury of access to facts and opinions, the foundation of my writing. Good non-fiction is an outcome of unbiased observation, accuracy of facts, and a framework for analysis. Quality of background research, subject expertise and an ability to narrate engagingly take you from good towards great.


It is easy to reach me by email or via one of my social media profiles